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Auntie sitting next to the house, watching TV and talking briefly. At that time, the mother came and told me that my father’s medication was over and I should go to the pharmacy and bring it. When I was going to bring medicine, my younger sister said, Brother bring a Senora pad for me when I come from the pharmacy.
When my sister heard about my sister, Aunty’s face covered her face,
~ Yeah: There is such a big girl, but there is no shame. Tell your brother to bring these rotten things …
Before I could say anything to Aunty, my sister sat in front of Aunty and smiled,

  • Well Aunt you were ashamed to tell your brother when you were a child?
    The aunt next door said in surprise,
    ~ Why should I be ashamed to tell my brother that I have a child? It’s a joy to have children.
    • It’s also a pleasure to have an anti period. This period helps a girl to have a child later. But some people like you look at this rule of the locks in a bad eye … When I returned from the pharmacy to buy my father’s medicine and Senora pad, I noticed a girl standing quietly away from the pharmacy for a long time. I approached the girl and said,
  • Sister, do you need anything?
    The girl heard something from my mouth and said something natural,
    ~ Brother, there was a need to go to the pharmacy but many people are hesitant to go. People will go down.
    I listened to the girl and handed her the packet of Senora, and said,
  • Here’s what you need. I was buying it for my sister.
    The girl was talking to me, then I told the girl,
    • There’s nothing to worry about. When buying Next Time, buy directly without any hesitation in your mind. And if anyone laughs at you, then you will get caught and deformed brain.
      Period girls are not shy or proud of period girls … By bus from Mymensingh to Trishal. After a while I noticed a girl sitting in front of me showing off the black ribbon with a gap in her clothes. And the two boys sitting next to me are watching and laughing. I laughed sweetly and said to the boy,
  • What brother, do you find so much joy?
    A boy bit his lip and said,
    ~ Brother I have seen the secret. So happy to think so ..
    I laughed and said,
  • Brother, I see such filings. Seeing all the fun. Where is the brother’s home, how many brothers and sisters? The boy looked at the girl’s bra strap and said,
    ~ Home brother Veluka. And there’s an older sister. Anand Mohan attends college.
  • Does your sister drive by the bus?
    Yes brother ..
    I laughed and said,
  • Sitting in the backseat of your sister, it seems like a boy tries to hide your sister’s secret like you do. The boy lowered his head upon hearing me. And I told the boy sitting next to him,
  • Brother, what is your sister doing?
    The boy looked at me angrily, saying nothing.
    I just smiled saying no more. And I got off the bus with the hand of an old lady … Rickshaw when I return home with my younger sister. Then the younger sister said,
  • Brother, take some paracetamol …
    When I went to buy a paracetamol from the pharmacy, the boy at the pharmacy handed me a packet with paracetamol. I opened the pack and told the boy,
  • Nowadays do you give a packet of condoms with paracetamol?
    The boy laughed and said,
    ~ After a while, you need a brother.
    I also laughed and told the boy,
    • Do you carry a packet of condoms in your pocket when you go out with your sister?
      The boy didn’t say anything but just stood his head down ….We men nowadays think of ourselves as hungry tigers and in our eyes women are deer babies in a tugboat … When I see a blood stain in a woman’s white coat while walking down the street, I find a ghostly delight in showing the scar to a friend next door. But we forget that if women had no period, we would not have been born … Seeing a piece of soft meat piled through the gaps of women, our men stood. But we forget that after birth we have been drinking milk from this soft meat of women … Seeing a boy together in a rickshaw brings a bad thought to us, but we forget that they can be brothers and sisters, friends, nephews … We always say that women are bad, but we forget that we are born in some woman’s womb … In our eyes, no matter how bad the women are, they have to be respected because they have got that honor from the beginning of creation. Those women are our mothers, our sisters, our paramilitaries.

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